The cool solution

The cool solution

Conditioned solutions at low temperatures

Harthoorn Coldstores specialises in the storage and transhipment of conditioned foodstuffs. From as far back as 1957, Harthoorn has been a reliable partner for storage under extreme conditions. Boasting a storage capacity of over 40,000 pallet positions, we can meet all your storage needs. Whether it be meat, fish, potato products, fruit, or dairy products, your frozen products will be safely stored at a temperature of between -18 and -21°C, while we will store your chilled products at a constant temperature of no more than +4°C. But there’s more to Harthoorn Coldstores than just storage.

Our expertise in the area of conditioned foodstuffs comprises vast knowledge and experience in the areas of freezing, process management technology, and certified quality assurance. The quality of specific processes such as shock freezing and tempering guarantees optimum freshness of your product. You can have your products tempered from -18°C to +4°C or any temperature in between using conditioned air. We will make sure the quality of your product is never compromised.

Aside from storing and treating your products, Harthoorn Coldstores also specialises in processing your import and export documents. We have over the years accrued extensive knowledge of exports to Africa, America, the Balkan region, Russia, Asia, and other regions. Our expertise in the area of imports and exports ensures that you will have the right documentation that complies with all applicable regulations. That is how we prevent you from encountering possible problems at the next step in the process.
Harthoorn also holds a C-spec bonded warehouse licence, which means that we can store your products under customs control, so that you can postpone duty payments, and retain liquidity.

But Harthoorn goes one step further in serving you. If needed, we can package your products and arrange transport of your goods to anywhere you want. We can do so by teaming up with our sister companies Harthoorn Packaging and Harthoorn Forwarding. We can take care of the entire process for you, from beginning to end, enabling you to focus on your core business.

When you store your goods at Harthoorn Coldstores, you will not have to worry about your products at any time, you can rely on that.

Looking for structural or temporary storage capacity under these extreme temperature conditions? Or would you like to find out more about our supplementary services? Do feel free to contact us.

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