Logistic solutions

Logistic solutions


Harthoorn Coldstores was founded in 1957 by three brothers, Jan, Wim, and Gijs Harthoorn. They had previously worked in the fruit trade. But the winter of 1957 was unusually long, and a spell of frost in May destroyed their entire fruit crop. This left the brothers without a source of income, and forced to look for another way of ‘earning their daily bread’. In those days, few people had a freezer at home. That gave the brothers the idea to turn their cold store for fruit, which they were not using following the loss of their crop, into separate deepfreeze compartments and rent these out. They started out renting cold store space to private individuals, but it didn't take look for the first business customer to approach them: the Barneveldse Pluimvee Centrale [Barneveld Poultry Company].

Demand for cold storage grew steadily over the following years. In the 1970s, the company really started to prosper as the frozen foods industry flourished. In 1987, the brothers opened a branch on the Nijverheidsweg in Barneveld. The fall of the Berlin wall two years later paved the way for food flows to Eastern Europe. Global exports also grew in the 1990s, and Harthoorn Diepvries’ many years of experience enabled it to grow into a major player in the market. In 1996, the company built new storage facilities, taking the total storage space for conditioned foodstuffs they could offer to around 200,000m3. That was also the year the company changed its name to Harthoorn Coldstores.

After these new storage facilities had propelled serious growth for the company, the bird flu outbreak of 2003 dealt Harthoorn a heavy blow. Turnover fell significantly, and Harthoorn’s storage space was even completely empty at times. The company’s management responded by spreading the company’s risk and branching out, all with a view to no longer exclusively depending on storage and transhipment. This led to the birth of Harthoorn Packaging in 2005. That was the first step towards a logistic total package. In 2009, the company branched out into transports as well by setting up Harthoorn Forwarding. These three business units have enabled Harthoorn to offer their customers a total package of services and serve the entire supply chain. The Harthoorn Logistics umbrella organisation was subsequently set up to complete the Harthoorn group. The umbrella organisation links all three subsidiaries, which has led to well-oiled operational collaboration between these subsidiaries. This has empowered our organisation to come up with groundbreaking solutions for our customers. Harthoorn has meanwhile grown into a leading player in the market, which is a position the company is looking to strengthen and build on in the future.

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