The safe solution

The safe solution

Smart solutions for tailored packaging

Are you importing or exporting products, or preparing them for the retail or food service market? If so, you will find packaging requirements are never the same, while getting the packaging right is always essential. Harthoorn Packaging therefore offers you a wide array of packaging options that will do your product justice. Have us package your fresh, dried, or frozen products in any packaging you like. Per unit or several units in an overpack. No matter whether or not your products are delivered to us bare or pre-packaged, we can handle it all.

Our fully automated packaging lines for food items enable quick and efficient packaging under special temperature-controlled conditions, even when it involves time-consuming and sensitive operations. Quality and food safety are always our first priority. We are also fully compliant with the strictest quality standards in this area, as underlined by our numerous quality certificates. Your product is in good hands at Harthoorn Packaging.

Harthoorn Packaging packages to measure in the broadest sense of the concept. Packaging, repackaging, assembly, weighing, counting, filling, loading, or labelling. Automated or by hand, for retail, the food service sector, or industry. Harthoorn Packaging is the place to go for all your packaging needs. Today’s highly demanding consumer market and its penchant for convenience goods and smaller quantities are forcing you, as the supplier, to come up with smart and efficient packaging solutions. Our professionals will be happy to join you in your quest to solve these packaging issues.

Harthoorn Packaging is a subsidiary of Harthoorn Logistics. This offers you the opportunity to place your entire chain (import, export, transport, conditioned storage) in the hands of one single provider. Close contacts between the various links in the chain mean that changes are instantly reflected further down the chain, so you don’t have to worry about that. We can take on the entire process for you.

We do more than packaging alone. Would you like further details about the numerous options we can offer you? Feel free to contact one of our professionals. They will be happy to help you, you can count on that.


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