The safe solution

The safe solution


If you want to market your block-frozen products in small packaging, the Breaker is what you need. The Breaker reduces block-frozen products to individual units with the greatest possible ease. This way of breaking blocks down is also referred to as IQP (Individual Quick Pressed). The great advantage of this way of handling block-frozen products is that you can procure your base materials in block format or in bulk, which will mean cost savings for you.


By then treating the products with the breaker, you can make the goods ready for retail and/or the food service sector. The Breaker is particularly suited for bone-in products such as baby chicken legs, wings, and drumsticks.

After having treated products with the Breaker, you can have the newly loosened products packaged immediately in various kinds of final packaging types, such as bags or boxes. Needless to say, you can also go for one of the numerous other packaging options.


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